Appointment of mentors
  • The Head of Department points out members of the department that may assume the role as mentors in the TDP. The mentors are selected after a dialogue with Learning Support. Employees that are not formally pointed out cannot work as supervisors on the TDP.
  • The mentor is selected on the basis of specific competences in relation to pedagogy/didactics. The competences are discussed with Learning Support. Assistant professors who have completed the TDP can be selected as mentors. Faculty who haven't participated (as a minimum) in ITU's workshop about constructive alignment (on Teaching at ITU Day) are not eligible.
  • The mentor possesses professional competences near to those of the assistant professor. The supervisor must be able to supervise didactic methodologies that are or can be specific in relation to the subject area that the assistant professor teaches. Therefore it is likely that the mentor will come from the same department as the assistant professor.

The mentor must:

1. Be prepared to spend 14-15 hours in total over a longer period.
2. Assess the teaching competences of the assistant professor together with the external supervisor.
3. Observe and provide feedback to the assistant professor in his/her teaching
4. Attend and provide feedback on an examination carried out by the assistant professor.
5. Focus in the observation should be the relation between intended learning outcomes, the content, the teaching activities, the research based level and the level of studies as weel as focus points chosen by the assistant professor
6. Anchor ITU’s particular approach to IT in the assistant professor’s pedagogical practice.
7. Contribute to the quality of the assistant professor’s planning, organizing and evaluation of a course and supervision through mentor meetings.
8. Specifically discuss how to use the SOLO taxonomy and the intended learning outcomes when it comes to assessment and grading at the exam.
9. Discuss the connection between the assistant professor’s research, teaching and (project/thesis) supervision (also in the longer run) with him/her.
10. Give the assistant professor advice regarding the choice of teaching obligations that the assistant professor takes on (also in a career perspective).
11. Inspire the assistant professor to be active in organisational discussions about teaching, supervision and development of teaching competences at ITU.
12. Inform Learning Support about desirable developments in the TDP

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