Intended learning outcomes

After the Framing Course, the participants should be able to:
  • explain the concept of constructive alignment in teaching
  • design and evaluate intended learning outcomes
  • plan and apply appropriate learning activities according to intended learning outcomes and the educational context

Participation in Part 1 is a prerequisite for Part 2.

Framing Course S2019
  • 17 January, from 9.00-14.00 : Framing course part 1 - room
  • 4 February, from 9:00-13:00: Framing course part 2 - room

The compulsory literature can be found in Rienecker, Jørgensen, Dolin and Ingerslev (2014): “University Teaching and Learning”.
The Danish title of this book is “Universitetspædagogik”.

Please read the following chapters in advance:
2.1: Dolin: “Teaching for Learning” pp 65 - 92
2.2: Mørche and Rump: “University Teaching and Learning –models and concepts” pp 93-104
3.3: Jørgensen: ”Session Planning” pp 149-164

Please also watch these videos on constructive alignment unless you have seen them already:

Please also read this Word document:

Programme and activities

Day 1 preliminary programme 4 hours
  • Welcome
  • Key Concepts in university teaching and learning:
  • Designing ILOs and Learning activities
  • Lectures, exercises, TAs and Inverted learning
  • Info on mandatory assignment and course day 2
  • Evaluation and summary of the day

Day 2 Preliminary programme, 4 hours
  • Welcome
  • Peer feedback on assignments
  • Formative feedback
  • Student diversity

  • Active participation in both seminars
  • In between the two seminars there is a small mandatory home assignment with a mandatory deadline to be met in order for the participants to provide feedback on each others assignments at the second session
  • Bring laptop for both sessions

Slides (incl. links)
learnIT course page

Other resources
John Hattie, Helen Timperley, The Power of Feedback, First Published March 1, 2007

Course manager
Learning Consultant in Learning Support: Annelise Agertoft (

9.30 Welcome
9.45 Key Concepts in university teaching and learning:

· Research based teaching and learning
· Theoretical perspectives
· Student behavior and motivation

10.15 Designing ILOs and Learning activities
· Session –course-semester-study program
· Redesign an ILO
· Design two activities for you own course

11.15 Lectures, exercises and Inverted learning
· Lectures, exercises and TAs
· Video

12.00 Lunch
12.40 Share ideas on inverted learning
13.10 Feedback
14.20 Info on mandatory assignment and course day 2
14.40 Evaluation and summary of the day