Start-up meeting

During a start-up meeting with Learning Support,

  • the assistant professor will be introduced to Learning Support
  • the assistant professor will be registered for the Teacher Development Programme
  • the assistant professor will be introduced to the TDP wiki, to the intended learning outcomes and the calendar
  • exemptions will be discussed (but not decided) - please bring any documentation of former formal training
  • plans will be initiated to allocate a supervisor (external) and a mentor (internal)
  • information on the assessment process will be made available
  • books/reading will be handed out (or ordered if not on stock)
  • lastly the assistant professor will be introduced to a personal teaching portfolio.

The assistant professor will receive a selection of a few well researched handbooks at the beginning of the Teacher Development Program. These books will be the basis of some discussions and reflection throughout the Programme, and the assistant professors will need to reflect critically on some aspects of the books in their Portfolio. The assistant professor is expected to spend 2 hour every quarter throughout the programme on readings - on average. However, during the first (or third) quarter, the readings are expected to be more intense (appr. 7 hours). In addition to the below list papers will be handed out in connection to some modules.
  • John Biggs & Catherine Tang, Teaching for Quality Learning at University, McGraw-Hill, 2011 (4. edition)
  • Svinicki & McKeachie McKeachie’s teaching tips (strategies, research, and theory for College and University Teaching), Cengage Learning, 14th revised ed. [as of August 2016, this book will be replaced by the English language version of the below book]
  • Rienecker, Lotte, Jørgensen, Peter Stray, Ingerslev, Gitte Holten og Dolin, Jens (red) (2013): Universitetspædagogik. Samfundslitteratur. (In Danish) - In English: "University teaching and learning"
  • Boice: Advice for New Faculty Members [only assistant professors]
  • Silberman, Active learning, 101 strategies to teach any subject
  • Articles handed out on Framing Course and Project and Thesis Supervision


All assistant professors will have a personal online teaching portfolio where they will keep a number of files to document their active participation and progression as well as continuously reflect about their own learning. They will be able to use the materials collected in their portfolio as a presentation of their teaching qualifications when applying for tenure. The assistant professor is expected to spend 1 hour every quarter throughout the programme on portfolio work - on average.