In spring 2015 assistant professors at ITU, Lippert, Douglas-Jones and Cohn offer a specific framework for the PractiseIT.

Formalities within the framwork of APP and TDP:

If you choose not to be part of the above group's framework, you may choose to form a break out group starting all over with a new set of literature/methods.

In any case, after the initial workshop, you need to inform Annelise Agertoft,, which feedback groups you form and if within which framework. This information will be registered as part of your personal progress on APP or TDP.

To document your participation in practiseIT, every practiceIT group need to write a description of the chosen practiceIT format, including:
• Literature
• Observation & feedback method
• Agenda/abstract of the two workshops,
• Signatures to confirm the participation in all activities by the group participants

For APP this write-up should be sent to LU for registration as an elective in APP. For TDP this write-up should be uploaded to your personal TDP portfolio (used in the final assessment) – AND should be sent to LU making it available to future assistant professors for inspiration in the TDP wiki.