Intended leaning outcomes

After the supervision and assessment process, the participants should be able to:
  • plan, implement, and evaluate:
    • teaching based on constructive alignment
    • learning activities relative to ILOs and educational context
    • assessment tasks relative to ILOs and educational context
  • identify and apply relevant pedagogical theories and didactic principles and methods
  • discuss teaching/learning praxis with colleagues and peers
  • supervise projects and theses
  • identify and use technology for learning activities and assessment tasks
  • reflect on learning activities, assessment tasks, teaching praxis and own development as a teacher


The assistant professor will throughout the course be assigned an experienced ITU colleague as mentor. They will also discuss project and thesis supervision and other related themes from the handbook "Good advice for new faculty"; such as balancing demands, stress, handling insecurity, handling own and student expectations.

Mentoring teaching planning and execution

The mentor will assist the Assistant Professor in planning and executing at least one course during the period of the Teacher Development Programme. The mentor is particularly responsible for ensuring that the Assistant Professor has developed a solid course plan with well aligned intended learning outcomes, learning activities and an appropriate assessment method/exam form.

Mentoring project supervision

The mentor will assist the Assistant Professor in organising the participation in project/thesis supervison in the role of co-supervisor. The mentor will assist the Assistant professor in preparing and reflecting on the supervisor experience.

Appointment and role of mentor