Intended leaning outcomes

After the practiseIT activities, the participants should be able to:
  • identify and apply relevant pedagogical theories and didactic principles and methods
  • discuss teaching/learning praxis with colleagues and peers
  • reflect on learning activities, assessment tasks, teaching practice and own development as a teacher

Forming practiseIT groups

Each instance of the practiceIT framework can be very different based on the choice of literature/theory and methods. Learning Support will facilitate kick-off workshops once a year in order to form groups of assistant professors. The module can only be realized with as a minimum 2 participants collaborating throughout the module.The module can only be completed in parallel to own teaching.

practiseIT framework

  • PractiseIT Kick-off meeting (1 hour)
  • Preparatory readings (4h)
    • The group can choose to use the TDP literature or literature of own choice. The group has to agree on the readings as a foundation for the PractiseIT activities
  • Workshop 1 (2h)
    • Discussion of the readings
    • Spelling out considerations of the readings for classroom/peer practices
    • Definition of pairs or triples for classroom practices
    • Choosing observation methodology. The group can choose to use the TDP suggestion or a methodology of own choice
  • Classroom/peer exercise - observation and feedback (4h)
  • Analysis of observation and feedback (7h)
    • Individual analysis of peer's classroom & practices
    • Interactive analysis by the pair/triple; grounding proposals for teaching and course design shifts
    • Preparation of presentation for workshop (small paper and oral presentation)
  • Workshop 2 (4h)
    • Presentations and discussions of and with peer group
    • Comments by a senior scholar
    • Discussion with other teaching-practitioners (who did not participate in the training but are familiar with the analytics and themes)E
    • Evaluation of PractiseIT format


Every practiceIT group need to write a description of the chosen practiceIT format, including:
  • Literature
  • Small paper
  • Observation & feedback method
  • Agenda/abstract of the two workshops,
  • Signatures to confirm the participation in all activities by the group participants

This write-up (3 hours) should be uploaded to your personal TDP portfolio (used in the final assessment) – AND should be sent to Learning Support