Intended Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the Teacher Development Programme, the participants should be able to:
  • plan, implement, and evaluate:
    • teaching based on constructive alignment
    • learning activities relative to ILOs and educational context
    • assessment tasks relative to ILOs and educational context
  • identify and apply relevant pedagogical theories and didactic principles and methods
  • discuss teaching/learning praxis with colleagues and peers
  • supervise projects and theses
  • identify and use technology for learning activities and assessment tasks
  • reflect on learning activities, assessment tasks, teaching praxis and own development as a teacher

All assistant professors will have a personal online teaching portfolio where they will keep a number of files to document their active participation and progression as well as continuously reflect about their own learning. They will be able to use the materials collected in their portfolio as a presentation of their teaching qualifications when applying for tenure.

Learning Support will provide the portfolio template.

The final assessment of the assistant professor will be carried out by a committee made by the Head of Department. The Head of Department will assess the portfolio, the statement of the external supervisor & the internal mentor and will recommend that the assistant professor pass or not.

Content of teaching portfolio
Diplomas from TDP modules

Teacher Development Programme – Final diploma,
including assessment of teaching competence
To be uploaded after the completion of all activities, including the completion of the portfolio
Framing course
Upload small assignment and diploma
Exam seminar
Upload diploma
Upload documents and diploma
Learning technology basics
Upload assignment and diploma
Project and thesis supervision
Upload diploma
teachITs (or other approved electives)
Upload all 4 workshop diplomas

Assignment 1
Course analysis. Upload assignment as pdf
Assignment 2
Reflections on own competence.
Upload assignment as pdf
Teaching CV

Upload as pdf table
Course descriptions of all courses that you have taught at ITU and in other places. Including
  1. content description from the course base
  2. level (bachelor/graduate)
  3. size of course (ECTS) if possible
  4. number of students enrolled on the course
  5. description of your role and responsibility on the courses (teacher/course manager/percentage of contribution)
Projects and master theses projects supervised

Upload as pdf table
Projects and master thesis that you have supervised. Any work with PhD students. Year, project type, academic area, project title, names of students. Do not upload students' assignments
Reflections on own learning and presentation of teaching philosophy

Reflection on experience as (co-)supervisor on a project or thesis.
References to TDP literature is required. ½-1 page.
Upload as pdf
Short statement of personal teaching competence as well as teaching philosophy,
The statement must include at description of development from beginning of TDP to the finalization of TDP with reference to the overall TDP intended learning outcomes (above). We recommend that you start the writing of this part early in the TDP. ½ - 3/4 page. You may draw/copy from assignment 2 or the other way around.
Upload as pdf
Course evaluations

The results of ITUs official course evaluation - all your courses taught at ITU
Upload as pdfs
All your course evaluations at ITU including your feedback to students’ responses. In those cases where you have not been course manager but just co-teacher you should of course only upload the comments regarding your teaching (and not those for the course in general). Be sure to omit any evaluation on your colleagues.
Description and summary of own course evaluation activities that you may have carried out on own initiative with your students.
Upload as pdf
Development work on teaching and learning

Activities that you may have facilitated regarding the teaching and learning competence development of colleagues and others.
The one teachIT workshop that you facilitated and other activities.
State content, duration, place and target group.
Upload as pdfs