Intended leaning outcomes

After planning and participating in teachIT workshops, the participants should be able to:
  • plan, implement, and evaluate:
    • teaching based on constructive alignment
    • learning activities relative to ILOs and educational context
    • assessment tasks relative to ILOs and educational context

  • identify and apply relevant pedagogical theories and didactic principles and methods
  • discuss teaching/learning praxis with colleagues and peers

teachIT - attend + teach colleagues

A workshop series - teachIT - on various aspects of teaching and supervision are being run by Learning Support. All teachIT workshops are open to all teaching staff at ITU (including PhDs).

As part of the Teacher Development Programme, the assistant professors will run at least one teachIT workshop open to all colleagues based on a topic of their own choice, for instance the results of a teaching experiment, a particular technique or pedagogical approach.

The assistant professor is additionally expected to participate in 4 other teachIT workshops.